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Human Resources and Labor Relations

Classification and Compensation Study Overview Frequently Asked Questions

Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ)

What if one of the positions in our department is vacant or underfilled? Who will fill out the JDQ?

If a position is underfilled or vacant, a department reviewer will complete the JDQ.

If I don’t have access to a County computer, what should I do?

You can ask your Department Head for a hard copy of the JDQ or use one of the kiosks in Human Resources and Labor Relations to complete the JDQ. Please call ahead to confirm availability. Remember, if you complete a hard copy of the JDQ, it will need to be scanned and emailed to the reviewer at the email address assigned to your department for this study.

Can I take the JDQ home to complete?

You should complete the JDQ on work time, not after hours.

Can a reviewer change my responses on the JDQ?

No, a reviewer can only add comments in the reviewer box on each page of the JDQ.

What if you do not agree with the reviewer’s comments?

If there are concerns with the comments from your reviewer, please sit down and discuss them with your reviewer.  If there is a decision to modify your JDQ, please resubmit the JDQ with a title that says “job title revised, your last name, your first name-JDQ.doc”.  It should have the same title as the previous one and just insert “revised” after the title so we’ll know it is the one to use.  Then submit it to Segal Waters the same way that you have previously submitted all JDQs.

I have a budgeted title that is not the same as my working title. What should I do?

On the first page of the JDQ, there are separate boxes to enter this information.  Also, when completing your JDQ, fill it out based on the job duties you are doing today.

If I have questions on how to fill out the JDQ, who should I contact?

Please email your questions to Human Resources and Labor Relations at

I have a duty that I feel is less than 10% of my time. Should I include it in my JDQ?

If a duty is less than 10%, it is probably something that can be included in another duty you have already identified.

What are confined spaces?

A confined space is an enclosed area not designed for continuous occupancy, with limited space and accessibility. Examples include small wiring or technology closets, crawl spaces, manholes, trenches, tunnels, ductwork, and sewer or water pipes, etc. A cubicle is not a confined space.

When I save my JDQ document, should I use the full title or the abbreviated title?

You should use the full, budgeted title when saving your JDQ.

I work overtime so can my total percentage be over 100%?

No, we are looking at the job and the duties and responsibilities associated with doing that job, which needs to reflect a 100% total.

I am in the probationary period of my job and still in training. What should I do to complete the JDQ?

You should work with your supervisor if you are a single incumbent in the job, or work on a group JDQ with other co-worker(s) who are in the same job to complete the JDQ.

I would like to review my job description while filling out the JDQ what do you recommend?

We recommend that you don’t use your job description to fill out the JDQ. We would like to hear from you about the duties and responsibilities of your current position, in your own words.