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Human Resources and Labor Relations

Why WE Work for Macomb County

When you work for Macomb County, you’ll get more than a paycheck. Macomb County offers rewarding careers with outstanding benefits, work/life balance and opportunities for promotion, all while serving the community. When you work for Macomb County, it’s more than a job. It’s whatever you want it to be. 

Check out why our team loves working here! Then visit our career opportunities page to check out our open positions.


Meet Adam: Dispatcher

"No day is ever the same at my job. We have a lot of contact with people and our goal is to help them get the assistance they need as quickly as possible. It is a huge responsibility. I didn’t have this same sense of purpose in my other jobs. And it is the sense of purpose that keeps me coming back. This is a rewarding, well-paying career. If you work hard, there are lots of opportunities for advancement. The benefits are excellent. I am able to support my family and my community at the same time. It just gets better and better."

Current Position: Dispatcher, Sheriff's Office

Employee Since: 2017



Meet Brandon: Sheriff Deputy

I’m a people person and I enjoy helping others. So I knew working in law enforcement was the right path for me. At the start of my career, I thought it would just be arresting ‘bad guys’ -- but it’s so much more than that, because we’re on the ground, making a difference in our community. And while some days can be challenging, you feel like you’re part of a solution – which is very rewarding. Additionally, there’s a lot of opportunity for advancement here at the Sheriff’s Office. It has a high level of expectation, but it’s an extremely professional environment where your talent can be recognized.

Current Position: Deputy, Sheriff's Office

Employee Since: 2013



Meet Brianna: Deputy Register Lead

“Growing up, my grandfather demonstrated the importance of serving your community. He was a County Commissioner and he guided our family in volunteering to help people in need. Years later, when I was ready to move on from my job in retail, I knew that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. So I began working for Macomb County in Probate Court, assisting individuals through what can be a complicated system. I listen to their issues, I make sure they feel heard and I provide guidance. It can be challenging, but I love what I do. I love helping people and I have a great team. We’re a family and we work hard together. And when things get tough, I think about my grandfather. My service continues his legacy, and it creates my own legacy too.”

Current Position: Deputy Register Lead, Probate Court

Previous Position: Deputy Register

Employee Since: 2019



Meet Claudia: Office Assistant

I’ve been working since I was a teenager, so when I retired, I knew I really wanted to enjoy my retirement. I especially wanted to travel. So when Macomb County offered me a part-time position after I retired, I wasn’t sure it would fit into my plans. But it has worked out great. I get to help people, I feel appreciated and my schedule is flexible. Plus I’ve got some spending money!  I’ve lived and worked all over the world, especially during my career with the Navy, and I’ve always had a sense of adventure. Retirement is shaping up to be everything I wanted it to be and working part time for Macomb County helps make it happen.

Current Position: Office Assistant

Employee Since: 2017



Meet Colton: Design Technician

“I started as an intern with the Department of Roads but my interest was IT. In my role, I was able to demonstrate those skills, which caught the attention of leadership. They are always looking for team players and problem solvers, so I eventually became full-time. Now I’m creating a career, and have a future here. I get to do exciting work that I am passionate about. And the schedule is excellent. It leaves time for me to continue my education, and even better, I have time for my other passion - snowboarding with my friends.”

Current Position: Design Technician, Department of Roads

Previous Position: Engineering Aide I, Department of Roads

Employee Since: 2020



Meet Crystal: Director of Community and Behavioral Health Services

I always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others, so I pursued a career in social work and started with Community Mental Health as a case manager. It’s been more than 20 years since then, and in that time, I advanced in the organization, became a trusted advisor and advocate for patients and their loved ones and built strong relationships with coworkers, who are like family to me. It’s a secure place to work, with great benefits - but more importantly, it’s a place with purpose, and a career that’s both meaningful and rewarding.

Current Position: Director of Community and Behavioral Health Services at MCCMH *Retired in January 2023

Previous Position: Case Manager, Clinical Supervisor, Coordinator

Employee Since: 2000



Meet Debbie: Kennel Attendant

Honestly, I really can’t imagine being anywhere else. Here at Animal Control, there’s always something that makes you smile and I feel supported by the team. It’s a place where you feel welcome and a place with opportunity, where you can advance. It’s fun, but you have to have patience and compassion, and you have to be tough. Because it’s so much more than puppies and kitties. We’re working to protect our community and ensure the welfare and well being of animals. It can be challenging, but it’s where my heart is.

Current Position: Kennel Attendant, Animal Control

Employee Since: 2015



Meet Dennis: Protective Service Officer

"I’ve spent almost my entire professional career in public service. After I retired, I found that sitting on the couch wasn’t for me. I needed to get out of the house, to feel a sense of purpose. As public servants, it’s in our blood. This part time position gives me the independence and flexible schedule to serve my community and still allows me to enjoy my retirement. And when you have a job you care about, it’s not work. It’s a pleasure."

Current Position: Protective Service Officer, Sheriff's Office

Employee Since: 2017



Meet Denotra: Shift Supervisor

“I know from my upbringing that it takes a village to raise a child. I had so much support from teachers and family members, especially my Mom and my Aunt Lou. I wanted to give some of that back. At the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center, I get to be a role model, a mentor, a teacher and a nurturer. There is a lot of support from the leadership and my coworkers - we’re all working to give these young people what they need so they have a better future. We’re creating a village - for ourselves and the children we serve. I love what I do and I’m proud to represent Macomb County. ”

Current Position: Shift Supervisor, Juvenile Justice Center

Past Position: Youth Specialist, Juvenile Justice Center

Employee Since: 2015



Meet Jeffrey: Nursing Administrator

“I’ve been a registered nurse for nearly 20 years and when I relocated to Macomb, I chose to use my license to work with Community Mental Health. I wasn’t sure what to expect with outpatient services, but when I got to know the people served, I found that I really enjoyed my role. In my current position I educate, support and guide others that provide mental health services. And I also use my passion to develop new ways to find wellness - like creating vegetable gardens at our clinics. All told, I’m happy that my job has become a career where I can put people first.”

Current Position: Nursing Administrator, Community Mental Health

Previous Position: Registered Nurse II, Training Assistant

Employee Since: 2013



Meet Lauri: Project Manager

“Working for Macomb County has allowed me to get out from behind a desk and engage with our businesses and schools. I've been able to advance my education and certifications while maintaining a work/life balance. At the end of the day, my heart is filled with gratitude knowing I'm making Macomb a great place to live, work and play.”

Current Position: Project Manager, Planning and Economic Development

Previous Position: Senior Communications Specialist, Planning and Economic Development

Employee Since: 2017



Meet Megan: Senior Communication Specialist

“My dad was a public servant and I'm proud to follow in his footsteps. He set an example that showed me why this work matters. And while it can be challenging, it's also extremely rewarding knowing that you're making a difference in your community and in the lives of your neighbors. Every assignment, task or responsibility has real purpose, so I'm very passionate about what I do."

Current Position: Senior Communication Specialist, Planning and Economic Development

Past Position: Communication Specialist, Planning and Economic Development

Employee Since: 2018



Meet Nicholas: Corrections Deputy

“In the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, I get to be a part of a great team that has a positive impact on the lives of others. And there are plenty of opportunities for advancement too. It’s a big organization, with specialized divisions in every field imaginable, from the Marine Division, to K-9 units, SWAT, training - so there is something for everyone. Our leadership is hands-on - they offer us a lot of support. The benefits are amazing, second to none. This is truly where I belong.”

Current Position: Corrections Deputy, Sheriff’s Office

Employee Since: 2014



Meet Renee: Sergeant

“As a sergeant and a public information officer, I help keep the community safe while also communicating information and building trust. Beyond that, I work with an office that gets justice for victims. I’m extremely proud of that. And while it can be challenging and stressful, I’ve got a great team around me. We laugh, we grieve, we problem solve. We spend weekends and holidays together and become family; we look out for each other. I trust them with my life. Truly, when it comes to my career, there’s nothing I’d rather do. ​​​​​”

Current Position: Sergeant, Sheriff's Office

Previous Position: Deputy and Sergeant 1

Employee Since: 2013



Meet Stevina: Deputy

I served my country in the United States Army for three years, and now I’m serving my community at the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office. So I can honestly say that it’s a great career path for veterans. There’s structure, we get to help people and there’s a sense of purpose. There’s also a lot of opportunity to try new things. I started out at the County working in corrections. Then I experienced a ride along with a patrol officer, which I enjoyed, and the County paid for me to attend the police academy. Now I’m a patrol officer, I work as an evidence technician and I’m on the Sheriff’s Drone Team. There’s something new to experience each day, and I love what I do.

Current Position: Deputy, Sheriff's Office

Employee Since: 2013



Meet Tyson: Senior Asset Management Technician

I never thought that I’d work in government. In fact, growing up, I thought I’d work for National Geographic because I love maps. But then I found the GIS field and I knew it was the right path for me. Now I have a position with Macomb County Public Works where I track and manage our wastewater and stormwater systems, which helps my community, the Great Lakes and the environment as a whole. I like the work, and I like the workplace. There’s a lot of opportunity, with room for growth and advancement. We also have solid benefits with healthcare and retirement. But most importantly, I have great colleagues and I’m in a role where I feel heard and appreciated. ​​​​​​”

Current Position: Senior Asset Management Technician, Public Works

Previous Position: GIS Technician, Senior Asset Management Technician

Employee Since: 2017



Meet Wendy: Equipment Operator

“I used to work in the medical field and I enjoyed taking care of my patients. But I found there were a lot of limitations. and I was spending my nights doing paperwork. I was home with my family, but I wasn’t really home. Now I’m with the Macomb County Department of Roads. I grew up on a farm, so working the big equipment feels natural to me. It’s hard work, but I don’t mind. I give 100 percent to my community. The benefits and the hours are excellent. And when I go home after the day is done, I’m really home.”

Current Position: Equipment Operator, Department of Roads

Employee Since: 2020